MEGA MultiMedia Inc.
History - Mission - Vision

MEGA MultiMedia LLC (MMM LLC) is the merger of two powerful business companies, formerly based in the regional suburbs of Washington, D.C. PCJR Productions was a prominent promotion/production Christian music company which concluded its existence in 2007 officially classified as a web-based marketing information resource. Be Blessed Web Services LLC served its clients in a wide range of web service capacities: website design, website development, web hosting, logo design, website maintenance, website redesign, search engine optimization, and website development training. The husband and wife proprietors of PCJR Productions and Be Blessed Web Services LLC respectively, have officially merged their interdependent operations to now operate and emerge as a mega multi-media company; hence, the name MMM LLC.

MMM LLC aims to increase the presence of positive programming, products, and professional service to the common consumer. MMM is motivated to teach others to observe the content that prevails in today's popular media and educate them about alternatives that exist and alternatives they can create. In educating the consumer about better choices they can make in media, MEGA MultiMedia's mission to permeate media promoting positive programming and products for the consumer is complete.

With both proprietors of MMM LLC working in video production for the past 4 years, the media video services of field production, studio production, producing/directing, editing, and video trainings are the prime offerings for this entity. Coupled with the multiple web media services listed above from Dana Cobbs and the strategic media marketing and research savvy of Preston Cobbs Jr., this dynamic duo, along with their qualified network partners, is ready to meet your multimedia needs. Offer us an opportunity to prove our professional capabilities to you by contacting us!