MEGA MultiMedia Inc.

The innovation of the Internet has made accessibility to information available to the consumer in amounts never before imagined. This overwhelming amount of information gives the consumer countless choices on how they are going to spend their time and their dollars. The decision on how/where a consumer chooses to spend their time and money is influenced by how informed they are about a particular product or service. MEGA MultiMedia is here to help make sure the consumer is well informed about your product or service.

As an Internet-based information resource, the marketing mogul for MEGA MultiMedia operated an online entity for 5 years providing promotional information primarily on music events, products, and groups generally in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. This information was provided primarily by weekly website updates and executing e-mail campaigns. As website activity increased, the operation was streamlined to allow time for more strategic collaborations and creative engagements.

This background is the basis which MEGA MultiMedia is built upon having learned from elementary experiments and intermediate experiences to now offer advanced ideologies for successful Marketing. Being equipped with a Bachelors' degree in Marketing (2004) and the experience of using the Internet for professional business purposes since 1996, this combination of skills brings a balance of evaluation when analyzing your business needs. We welcome the opportunity to offer our analysis of your needs.